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Portrayal of the Gods Essay

Gilgamesh was an authentic lord of Uruk in Babylonia, on the River Euphrates in present day Iraq. It spins around the connection between Gilgamesh, who has gotten diverted and dampened by his standard, and a companion, Enkidu, who is half-wild and who embraces risky journeys with him. In the epic of Gilgamesh and in the lives of the Mesopotamian the divine beings where depicted as self-serving egotistical creatures. These creatures made humankind as slaves for the divine beings thus a human in the perspective on an early Mesopotamian would be advised to do what the divine beings said in the event that they needed to carry on with a cheerful life. We see divine beings that that don't generally think about the lives of the Mesopotamian. The Mesopotamian couldn't rely upon the security of a solid government. The absence of a solid government was brought about by a wide range of variables and one of the primary factors that achieved a frail government in the place where there is the Mesopotamia, was the absence of a dependable food source. The inconsistent food source was because of the absence of a dependable wellspring of farmland. Besides, this absence of farmland was expected for the most part to the ever-changing waterways that encompassed the early developments that put stock in these unforgiving divine beings. These people groups couldn't rely upon an anticipated flood design from the Tigris or the Euphrates. This reality most importantly, is the explanation that the perspective on mean inhumane divine beings came to fruition for the lives of these early individuals. One year a town could be directly close to the Tigris however in the following year, they’ll be a mile away from the stream therefore wrecking the kind of economy that the town had in the earlier year. Living with this, the individuals of the early human advancements accused this difficulty for the divine beings. These individuals didn't imagine that the divine beings were all awful however, yet recently felt that they couldn't have cared less about human presence on the grounds that, as they accepted, people were made by numerous divine beings and for the sole assistance of these divine beings that made them. We presume that these divine beings are consistently out to get the people in whatever attempt they may take up. Gilgamesh and Enkidu become familiar with very well that the divine beings are hazardous for humans. Divine beings live by their own laws and much of the time carry on as sincerely and nonsensically as youngsters. Devotion is essential to the divine beings, and they anticipate dutifulness and sweet talk at whatever point conceivable. They can frequently be useful, however rankling them is sheer franticness, and a character’s adoration for the divine beings is no assurance of security. He is wealthy in strict imagery. Strict customs in Mesopotamia included penances, celebrations, sex, dream translation, and shamanic enchantment. The dividers of Uruk represent the extraordinary achievements of which humans are fit. The epic of Gilgamesh contrasts particularly from that of the Judeo-Christian custom, in which God is both an accomplice in a contract and a harsh yet cherishing guardian to his kin. The agreement guarantees that individuals will get a natural or sublime legacy in the event that they carry on well. The Judeo-Christian God speaks to what is generally amazing as well as what is ethically best, people ought to try to mirror him. These distinctions are critical in light of the fact that Gilgamesh additionally shares certain normal components with the Judeo-Christian Bible. The book of scriptures and Gilgamesh are written in the two dialects. In Oedipus Tyrannus, it discusses the Ancient Greece where a great deal was not comprehended; science was only a baby and everything that happened was clarified as a demonstration of the divine beings or destiny. Divine beings were the zenith of intensity; existing since the beginning of time. They were everlasting, inescapable, and all-powerful. Various divine beings had various characters. In this sense, the divine beings were human. Having such dominance of the world would empower them to control man’s conduct. Destiny is the possibility that people’s lives are foreordained and that regardless of what is done, destiny can't be changed. With the divine beings it was utilized to investigate occasions that appeared to be unexplainable. Obviously a selling out of the god’s predominance brought about Laius and Jocasta’s instruction. Oedipus is the casualty of both destiny and condition. Apollo is the God behind the amorphous conspiration including Oedipus. Ambiguous god shrouds what he uncovers through his prophets. Here is proof of the Greek hypotheses, which scorn for the divine beings prompts torment and languishing. Therefore he is rebuffed in a manner that is more extreme than even demise. There is likewise the reality of realizing that his mom is enduring awful agony. In the arm of Oedipus, battling for his own life, the god is available as an old forecast, certain without a doubt, however going about as foundation for the advancement of realities, or better, for the revelation of what had just occurred. Oedipus encounters incredible anguish when he thinks back and acknowledges the amount he has tumbled from his previous roost of intensity. This end isn't just unexpected yet in addition coldblooded. Arachne was so well-suited at weaving that she provoked the god Athene to a challenge. Oedipus absolutely isn't one without blemishes. His pride, numbness, discourteousness and doubt in the divine beings, and persistent journey for reality eventually added to his obliteration. The catastrophe got this advancement the method of examining the connection between the Greek divine beings and man, giving the last more opportunity of activity. At the point when Oedipus was informed that he was liable for the homicide of Laius, he got goaded and considers the old prophet a liar. He fled from his home, Corinth, in order to outsmart the divine beings awesome will. Like his dad, he likewise looked for approaches to get away from the awful predetermination told by the prophet of Apollo. The tune cautions us of man’s need to have veneration for the divine beings, and the risks of an excess of pride. â€Å"If a man strolls with haughtiness of hand or word and gives no notice to Justice and the places of worship of Gods disdains, may a malicious fate destroy him for his poorly, featured pride of heart. On the off chance that he harvests gains without equity and won't hold from profanity and his fingers tingle for unapproachable things. When such things are done, what man will create to shield his spirit from the poles of the God? †(pp. 452). At long last, the Greeks are cautioned that the best way to bliss is through modesty and regard towards the divine beings. In the book â€Å"Monkey† by Wu Cheng, Sun Wukong, understood that regardless of his control over the monkeys, he was much the same as them, and was not past mortality. His assurance to discover interminability made him to head out on a pontoon to socialized terrains where he was made the supporter of a Buddhist. Through his movements, he had the option to procure human discourse and habits. He set up himself as one of the most remarkable and powerful evil spirits on the planet and went into the sea where he got the weapons that fit him. Trusting that an advancement and a position among the divine beings would make him progressively sensible, the Jade ruler welcomed Wukong to Heaven, where the monkey accepted he would get a respectable spot as one of the divine beings. Rather, he was made the head of grand pens to look out for ponies. He conflicted with the divine beings when he found what he was doing, and declared himself as the extraordinary sage, and collaborated with the most impressive evil spirits on earth. In spite of the fact that the sky perceived the title of the monkey, their endeavor to quell the monkey ruler was fruitless. Wukong’s anger transformed into open insubordination when he understood that he was barred from an imperial gathering that incorporated that god and the goddess. In the wake of taking the ruler Xi Wangmu’s peaches of everlasting status and the Jade Emperor’s illustrious wine, he got away back to his realm in anticipation of his resistance. At last he substantiated himself equivalent to the best of Heaven’s commanders when he vanquished the military of sky. End In the three books, it’s obvious that the divine beings were mindful and in the event that one conflicts with their will, there was a repercussion for that. The divine beings are the apex of intensity who assumes responsibility for all the things on the planet. Various divine beings have various characters and deeds. Gilgamesh discovers that the divine beings are perilous for humans. Divine beings live by their own laws and every now and again carry on as genuinely and unreasonably as kids. Devotion is critical to the divine beings, and they anticipate compliance and sweet talk at whatever point conceivable.

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Examine sociological explanations Essay Example for Free

Analyze sociological clarifications Essay There is by all accounts an immediate connect to what goes on in schools and what happens at work. The functionalist way to deal with training and economy is that through socialization instruction keeps up society by bringing youngsters into qualities and convictions, for example, accomplishment. They contend that instruction encourages what is required inside the universe of work like numeracy and proficiency aptitudes or explicit abilities for specific occupations. The instruction framework dispenses individuals to the most fitting occupations, which suits their capacities utilizing assessment results. Through the eyes of the functionalists this supposedly is reasonable on the grounds that there is an equivalent open door for everybody, everybody gets the opportunity to prevail in the public eye based on their capacity. On the off chance that they try sincerely and make a decent attempt at school, at that point they will succeed and ascend the social stepping stool acquiring a higher societal position. They consider instruction to be transforming students into model residents that the most capable understudies will succeed and get the most significant employments. Durkheim expressed that instruction plays out the capacity of causing people to feel they are individuals from a social gathering. This should be possible through exercises, for example, history. He accepts that school shows understudies how to co-work and work with others. The subjects that are instructed in schools are identified with abilities that are required for work. The training framework filters and sorts the individuals as per their capacity and that the individuals who need to accomplish can do as such in spite of social class or foundation. Parsons imagines that the school is the primary spot where they are shown all inclusive qualities and rules. School presents an accord; this is the place everybody concurs on a similar essential qualities. Schools challenge students capacities and their abilities with the goal that they can be given into explicit employments. Davis and Moore clarified that a few people have more noteworthy abilities than others and to guarantee that society capacities effectively the most capable people are distributed the most productive occupations. The instruction framework is liable for this, focusing on the individuals who are most capable at that point preparing them for significant occupations. Nonetheless, a few people would contend this is extremely idealistic. This thought of meritocracy is false doesn't exists. There are sure boundaries that disrupt the general flow the fundamental one being social class. A case of this is vocations, for example, medication and law where certain organizations won't acknowledge you on the off chance that you have been to a college that was already a polytechnic school. There is nothing amiss with these colleges except for specific individuals and gatherings consider them to be lower class and in this way more averse to utilize them. This is an obstruction that disrupts the general flow. There is an absence of proof that schools show work explicit abilities, a case of this is the way regularly carries out a responsibility expect you to know cites from Shakespeare, a few subjects have a constrained handiness to the universe of work. The head of having a general accord in school isn't generally the situation; distinctive social gatherings have various arrangements of qualities. Marxists can't help contradicting this methodology expressing that its principle work is to keep up, genuine and recreate, many ages of imbalances transmitted through basic qualities and convictions. Disappointment and disparity is empowered inside average workers individuals, this is educated in schools. What goes on in school is identified with the universe of work, the students resemble the laborers and the instructors resemble the managers. Marxists clarification of training is that it does completely rely upon scholarly capacity just the understudies who adjust will transcend the rest. Schools repeat the suitable work power with the right mentalities for plant work. They contend that it transforms average workers kids into traditionalists laborers. Marxists contend that a concealed educational program exists in the training framework that channels out average workers youngsters into regular workers employments it is a uninvolved procedure that gets them used to this thought of disparity and progressive system. It causes them to acknowledge it and not demand it this is the correspondence head. Bowles and Gintis contend that what goes on in schools is legitimately identified with the universe of work. The association of school to that of work is indistinguishable, separate school exercises reflecting separate work place undertakings. The assessment results and installment are the delight in working and learning. Instructive achievement and advancement at work depends on work. Again what was simply said isnt consistently the case. Bowles and Gintis never genuine got any examination proof to help their cases. Most occupations currently request individuals with style, aspiration and individuals with moxy not careless nitwits as Marxist expressed. Not all schools react in the very same manner and not all understudies react in the very same manner as Bowles and Gintis proposed. Not all kids are latent results of the instruction framework it may propel a few kids with the idea of winding up in a plant. Paul Willis directed his overview in 1977 and gives internationalist way to deal with comprehend the implications students. Willis distinguishes genius school and against school subcultures. The counter school subcultures where scratched named the fellows ands the ace school subcultures were known as the earoles. Willis was a neo-Marxist who expressed that the chaps created techniques to adapt to the fatigue of school and essential schedule that they would in the end up in busy working. The chaps decided to and acknowledged themselves as disappointments and didnt see the point in attempting so just surrendered. It was not inactive as Marxists previously suspected. Indeed, even this kind of demeanor made the correct workforce, they were uncritical and just continued ahead with it. Paul Willis centers around genuine working at the school. One analysis of Paul Willis work is that either the understudy opposed the framework or they acclimated they were never truly in the middle of and this didnt truly bode well. It was ridiculous relatively few individuals were 100% in a class they were in the middle of and this didnt appear in Willis results. Professional Education was presented in light of the fact that when understudies left school and went to work they didnt truly have the suitable abilities for work or the right disposition. Professional training changed this and improved their working perspectives with thoughts, for example, work understanding. As a major aspect of Curriculum 2000 key aptitudes were presented, this was requested by a great deal of bosses and it gave understudies a premise knowledge into how to utilize a PC. Various different plans were presented for those post 16 understudy s who didnt need to remain on at school, the legislature would pay a large portion of their wages and the organization that utilized them would pay the other half. This was incredible for the organization since they were getting work for a large portion of the cost and once they had got to 19 they would sack them and utilize an additional multi year old. The plans prompted low paid and low gifted low maintenance business. The fundamental focus on the legislature to set this plan up was so when it came to Election Day it implied that the quantity of individuals who where jobless was low. There was initial a presumption that joblessness was brought about by an absence of abilities among youngsters. In undeniable reality it could be to do with absence of occupations. Cohen expressed that this disposition and control preparing prepared the post 16 individuals to with the exception of low paid employments. In end there is nobody straightforward clarification about the connection among school and economy. The entirety of the data included is hypotheses and convictions dependent on alternate points of view. In a specific way the entirety of the speculations are valid and plausible in certain circumstance. Nobody can represent the entire of society what occurs in one gathering may be totally extraordinary to another. I would anyway be grade to place my trust in to a great deal of what Paul Willis says mostly due to the manner in which he did his investigation, it was very top to bottom.

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Check Out Episode One of OppU Answers, Our New Financial Advice Show!

Check Out Episode One of OppU Answers, Our New Financial Advice Show! Check Out Episode One of OppU Answers, Our New Financial Show! Check Out Episode One of OppU Answers, Our New Financial Show!If youre a fan of the OppLoans Financial Sense Blog, youll know how much we love helping readers sort out complicated financial issues. Its  kind of our thing!Thats why we are so excited to present our new video series, OppU Answers. Its an animated advice show  thats designed to answer real consumer questions with the help of  bonafide financial experts.  Every month, we reach out to our fans on  Twitter  and  Facebook  and ask them to give us their biggest questions about all things money. Then, we pick a question and do the research so you dont have to.This months question  came from Lisa, one of our Facebook fans. She wanted  to know about emergency funds, so we sat down with financial expert Katie Ross from American Consumer Credit Counseling to get the lowdown on what they are, how to start one, and how much you should have saved. Check it out:If you have a big question about money and would like to see it explained in detail to an adorable animated version of yourself, drop us a line on  Facebook,  Twitter, or  YouTube for a chance to star in our next episode!  And if you want to  take your personal finance skills to the next level,  be sure to  take a look at  all the courses  on OppU, OppLoans whip-smart, education-focused sister site.Visit OppLoans on  YouTube  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  LinkedIN

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Technology Is Taking Over People s Lives - 967 Words

A text message or a phone was checked before reading this. It goes to show; technology is taking over people’s lives because everywhere someone goes technology exists. However, technology acts as a basic necessity for this generation because every question, game, or conversation happens at his or her disposal. But with the emergence of social media, people swarm Facebook or Instagram posting explicit photos or ridiculing others in order to achieve self-confidence. Technology has provided the misguided confidence society has direly waited. Do people really have such low self esteem that the number of likes dictates their popularity and looks? Nobody is to blame but him or herself for letting a piece of equipment command their lives. Everything happens on people’s phones these days. The need to go outside vanished because technology acts as a world itself. People are isolating themselves from their friends and family in order to be on Facebook. An analysis on technology r eveals that technology has led to deaths, broken relationships, and insecurities. Electronics create a mental purgatory for the user. People have lost contact with the outside world that their minds have adapted to a vibration or a â€Å"beep†. Unfortunately, society needs to come back to reality. People have progressed to expressing a false identity through social media for comfort. Social media raises insecurity in people that some sign in to Facebook or Instagram waiting to see how many likes they haveShow MoreRelatedThe Impact Of Technology On The Modern World1547 Words   |  7 PagesImpact Of Technology In the Modern World Throughout the life, some influences have shaped people the way they live their lives today. Impact of a virtual connection, and go beyond the brain’s ability, is rising in an eyesight bling, which is a cause of socialization— brain’s ability to multitask and their consequences itself. The usage of the internet is creating conflict upon individuals that they have become modern in today’s world. In the essay â€Å"The Limit Of Friendship† by Maria Konnikova, whoRead MoreHow Technology Has Impacted Our Lives1261 Words   |  6 PagesPeople are connected to technology on a daily basis regardless of the time nor place. There are new apps that are around that regulate and monitor the time spent on cell phones to ensure one is getting that face to face interaction with others. It almost seems as if technology has been turning people into walking zombies. Since peoples are not able to get enough of that face to face interaction, they are lacking in their social skills and tend to be nervous when the are in that face to face interactionRead MoreTechnology Is Taking Humanity For New And Better Heights1415 Words   |  6 Pagesthat humans live in has become one filled with all kinds of technology. With more and more of these inventions being created every day, the world and peoples’ ways of life are changing rapidly. There are many who are optimistic about this fast-paced progress, believing that technology is taking humanity to new and better heights. However, there is reason to believe that the current direction that technology is taking may not be so positive. The present day developments in technology have an increasinglyRead MoreThe Internet And The World Wide Web1490 Words   |  6 Pages Since the late 19th Century there has been many changes that were taking place in society. The major one was the introduction of the internet and the World Wide Web. Around the 1950 s the first network called ARPANET was created and thr ough research the internet was later on produced in the late 1970 s. Within two decades the internet went from being a new form of communication technology, to being, for most people a very important part of their culture and daily life. Many once held an optimismRead MoreTechnology And Its Effects On Our Lives1402 Words   |  6 PagesEveryday technology is manipulated and used by many people around the world. Technology describes the usage of technical means to interact with life, society, and environment, through an electronical device that is applied by science. Many people are slowly becoming attached to technology and relying on more of these resources because it makes their life easier. However, technology is slowly hurting a ton of people by being smartphone dependent, reducing our communication skills and disabling peopleRead MoreThe Current State Of Culture And Society1642 Words   |  7 Pagesradio/music, you will see people giving their interpretations of what will bec ome of our world down the road. Yet, few people look to see how our the current state of culture and society reflect the projections made by people in previous years, decades, and centuries. In looking at the visions of the future presented by both novelas, T h e T i m e M a c h i n e ​b y H . G . W e l l s , a n d T​h e M a c h i n e S t o p s ​b y E . M . F o r s t e r , ​e​a c h s t o r y p r e s e n t s aspects of societyRead MoreDrunk Drivers Should Not Be Banned1279 Words   |  6 Pagesyear there are drunk drivers getting away and not having any harsh consequences.Drunk driving has killed over hundreds of citizens due to the mistakes by over intoxicated drivers. States all across the country have lowered the blood alcohol limit to keep drunk drivers off the road from hitting a pedestrian. Some citizens believe that drunk drivers should not be punished more harshly due to be over intoxicated while driving. If there is no harm due to them or the others around them what is the pointRead MoreAnalysis of Two Articles: Is Technology Good or Bad?1214 Words   |  5 PagesTechnology At Its Finest: Is it Good or Bad? Over this past decade or so, people all around the globe have been granted with greater advancements in technology. From cellphones we can talk to, to 3-Dimensional televisions, we are able to pretty much do anything thanks to these high-tech products. But, should we really be grateful for these easy-to-use devices, or are they taking over the lives of millions? In the articles written by Michael Malone and Daniel Burrus, we receive an inside lookRead MoreHow Technology Has Changed Our Lives1042 Words   |  5 Pages Over the last ten years, technology has transformed almost every aspect of our lives before we’ve had time to stop and question it. In every home on every desk; in every palm - a plasma screen a monitor: a smartphone- a black mirror of our 21st century existence. Our grip on reality is shifting- we worship at the altars of Google and Apple. Facebook algorithms know us more intimately than our parents. We have access to all the information in the world but no brain space left to absorb anythingRead MoreCell Phones And Electronic Devices Essay1450 Words   |  6 Pagesof the existence development of technology and the wide interest in this technology from people around the world. Technology is taking a vital role in our culture and they ways we communicate with each other. Now more than ever before, devices like; cell phones, tablets and laptops are the preferred method of interaction. In fact, society is placing an excessive amount of emphasis on technology and the urgency of having a smartphone, it’s not unusual to see two people in the same room communicating

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Fundamentals Of Programming with Algorithms and Logic - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 2 Words: 725 Downloads: 1 Date added: 2017/09/22 Category Advertising Essay Type Argumentative essay Did you like this example? Week Eight Object-Oriented Design and Programming Identify both the top-level objects and the GUI interfaces of an electronic product. Describe object-oriented, event-driven programming. Describe a simple, object-oriented program. Recognize the difference between object-oriented and structured program design. Course Assignments 1. CheckPoint: Interfaces and Communication Messages Understanding object-oriented methodologies is often difficult. You already understand that object-oriented analysis and design emulates the way human beings tend to think and conceptualize problems in the everyday world. With a little practice, object-oriented programming will become second nature to you. As an example, consider a typical house in which there are several bedrooms, a kitchen, and a laundry room—each with a distinct function. You sleep in the bedroom, you wash clothes in the laundry room, and you cook in the kitchen. Each room encapsulates all the items needed to complete th e necessary tasks. You do not have an oven in the laundry room or a washing machine in the kitchen. However, when you do the laundry, you do not just add clothes to the washer and wait in the laundry room; once the machine has started, you may go into the kitchen and start cooking dinner. But how do you know when to go back to check the laundry? When the washer buzzer sounds, a message is sent to alert you to go back into the laundry room to put in a new load. While you are folding clothes in the laundry room, the oven timer may ring to inform you that the meat loaf is done. What you have is a set of well-defined components: Each provides a single service to communicate with the other components using simple messages when something needs to be done. If you consider a kitchen, you see it is also composed of several, smaller components, including the oven, refrigerator, and microwave. Top-level objects are composed of smaller components that do the actual work. This perspective is a very natural way of looking at our world, and one with which we are all familiar. We do the same thing in object-oriented programming: ? Identify components that perform a distinct service o Encapsulate all the items in the component necessary to get the job done o Identify the messages that need to be provided to the other components Although the details can be quite complex, these details are the basic principles of object-oriented programming. †¢ Consider the microwave oven in your kitchen, using the object-oriented thinking described above. †¢ Create a table with the following four column headings: Top-Level Objects, Communicates With, Incoming Messages, and Outgoing Messages. Identity the top-level objects of the microwave. o Explain some of the graphical user interfaces (GUIs) and communications messages that occur during the operation of a microwave. †¢ Describe some of the advantages of having a componentized system. For example, what happens if the micro wave breaks? †¢ Post your results to the Assignment Link (described on Page 3 of the Syllabus). o Title the attachment â€Å"WEEK8_CP1† please. 2. CheckPoint: Object-Oriented Data and Processes Identify a task you perform regularly, such as cooking, mowing the lawn, or driving a car. †¢ Write a short, structured design (pseudocode only) that accomplishes this task. †¢ Think about this task in an object-oriented way, and identify the objects involved in the task. †¢ Identify how you can encapsulate the data and processes you identified into an object-oriented design. †¢ Describe the architectural differences between the object-oriented and structured designs. Which of the designs makes more sense to you? Why? Post your results to the Assignment Link (described on Page 3 of the Syllabus). o Title the attachment â€Å"WEEK8_CP2† please. 3. Assignment: Object-Oriented Design †¢ Generate an object-oriented design for a system that keeps tracks of your CD and DVD collection. †¢ Identify each of the classes, associated data, and operations for the classes. †¢ Generate the pseudocode for each of the classes as demonstrated on p. 251. †¢ Draw a GUI that will create the objects and provide access to each object’s processing methods. Note. Use the drawing tool in Microsoft ® Word or in any other applicable drawing tool to complete this part of the assignment. †¢ Post your results to the Assignment Link (described on Page 3 of the Syllabus). o Title the attachment â€Å"WEEK8_AS1† please. Weekly Reminders Summary of Week 8 Deliverables AssignmentLocationDue Checkpoint: Interfaces and Communication MessagesAssignment Link – AttachmentDay 3 (Wed. ) Checkpoint: Object Oriented Data and ProcessesAssignment Link – AttachmentDay 5 (Fri. ) Assignment: Object Oriented DesignAssignment Link – AttachmentDay 7 (Sun. ) Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Fundamentals Of Programming with Algorithms and Logic" essay for you Create order

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Evolution Is A Controversial Topic Among Scientists And...

Evolution is a very controversial topic among scientists and religious supporters who have very different perspectives about how the Earth has evolved from what it was then to what it is now. The theory that scientists find most factually correct is that current species were descents from the original species that date to prehistoric times. Over a long period of time they had acquired new characteristics and physical traits to help them adapt in their ever changing environments. To try and experience evolutionary change themselves and to get a better understanding of natural selection; scientists studied two separate locations in Trinidad’s Aripo River systems and analyzed the guppy populations to compare and contrast both environments and to look for any differences between the guppies. The guppies in the first location were preyed upon by Cichlids which tended to eat larger guppies, while the guppies in the second location were preyed upon by Killifish that ate smaller guppi es. Compared to each other, in the first location guppies had larger broods; a family of young animals that are produced at one hatching or birth, reproduced at a younger age, and are smaller at maturity than those in the second location. Guppies from location one was placed in a pool with Killifish like those from location two, over time the average size of those guppies increased. To apply the concept of natural selection and evolution to the experiment and its results, it should be referred to andShow MoreRelatedEssay about Creation and Evolution: An Eternal Debate1597 Words   |  7 PagesCreation and Evolution: An Eternal Debate nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Many people have tried to reconcile the differences between creationism and Darwinism but few have succeeded. Any religious debate is seen as a very sensitive subject and the discussion about the foundations of certain religions generally becomes difficult. Darwinism, in relation to religious beliefs can become controversial; some say they can coexist and some say they cannot. Darwinism was not intended to be anti-religious, but religiousRead MoreEssay on Genetic Engineering: The Impact of Human Manipulation1710 Words   |  7 Pages The scenes of a science fiction movie show presumably unrealistic scientific inventions. In todays world, time travel, cloning, and even light sabers are some of the countless topics that are seemingly unattainable and just ideas of the imagination. Saying that these events are feasible would be completely absurd. However, with recent scientific advancements, science fiction is now becoming more of a reality rat her than a fantasy. Nevertheless, only about twenty-five years agoRead More Quit Wasting Valuable Time and Resources Essays2464 Words   |  10 PagesQuit Wasting Valuable Time and Resources It is vital that present and future generations of school children in American public schools continue to be taught and understand Charles Darwin’s theories about evolution. Battles have been waged by Americans both in and out of the courtroom for generations so that educators may have the privilege to choose appropriate scientific curriculum for our students. If America is to continue to be a leader of scientific research, young minds must be educatedRead MoreThe Minor Catch Here By Charles Darwin1848 Words   |  8 PagesSimret Simeon HUM 3306 Dr. Rowan â€Å"I see no good reasons why the views given in this volume should shock the religious views of anyone.† Charles Darwin, The Origin of Species. pp 520 The above quote seems a joke but spoken by a man that arose and escalated war of words and theories on the origin of life. Considering that his view directly rejected the religious views of countless people. Darwin claims leans on scientific explanation that can provide proves, hence claims that the idea that GodRead MoreJerry Coyne s Why Evolution Is True?3477 Words   |  14 Pages Jerry Coyne’s Why Evolution Is True? Sainte Leo University Mallory Ansel Abstract In this paper, I will discuss the theory of evolution and the concepts applied throughout the chapters of Jerry A. Coyne’s, Why Evolution is True. In each section, I will summarize the chapter, explain what the contents of that chapter mean to me, and explain how I apply them to my belief system. You may notice throughout the paper I switch between support of evolution and support of creationism; andRead MoreLas 432 Research Paper: Gmos20901 Words   |  84 Pagesalthough highly debated and a topic of discussion in recent years, has been around for decades. Within this report it details the history, and processes of this technology. A process that was once done naturally through nature and deliberate actions of farmers is now being taken to new levels with scientists in a controlled scientific environment. This innovative technology is not without its legal, political and social issues, all of which will be discussed in depth. Among other things, this reportRead MoreLogi cal Reasoning189930 Words   |  760 Pagesdemonstrates the usefulness of logical reasoning as a means to making more effective decisions about your own life—decisions about what to believe and decisions about what to do. The chapter begins a systematic program of study of all the major topics regarding logical reasoning. Along the way, the book focuses on developing the following five skills: (1) writing logically, (2) detecting inconsistency and lack of clarity in a group of sentences, (3) spotting issues and arguments, (4) detectingRead MoreInstitution as the Fundamental Cause of Long Tern Growth39832 Words   |  160 Pagesof economic outcomes, including the distribution of resources in the future (i.e., the distribution of wealth, of physical capital or human capital). In other words, they inï ¬â€šuence not only the size of the aggregate pie, but how this pie is divided among diï ¬â‚¬erent groups and individuals in society. We summarize these ideas schematically as (where the subscript t refers to current period and t + 1 to the future): economic institutionst =⇒ ( economic performancet . distribution of resourcest+1 Read MoreOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 PagesThe New Left Revisited David M. Scobey, Empire City: The Making and Meaning of the New York City Landscape Gerda Lerner, Fireweed: A Political Autobiography Allida M. Black, ed., Modern American Queer History Eric Sandweiss, St. Louis: The Evolution of an American Urban Landscape Sam Wineburg, Historical Thinking and Other Unnatural Acts: Charting the Future of Teaching the Past Sharon Hartman Strom, Political Woman: Florence Luscomb and the Legacy of Radical Reform Michael Adas, ed., AgriculturalRead MoreInternational Management67196 Words   |  269 Pagesrelevant end-of-chapter feature in this edition is the â€Å"Internet Exercise.† The purpose of each exercise is to encourage students to use the Internet to find information from the websites of prominent MNCs to answer relevant questions about the chapter topic. An end-of-book feature is a series of Skill-Building and Experiential Exercises for aspiring international managers. These in-class exercises represent the various parts of the text (culture, strategy, and behavior) and provide hands-on experience

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My journey began in the middle of the Mediterranean sea to the north of Africa Essay Example For Students

My journey began in the middle of the Mediterranean sea to the north of Africa Essay My journey began in the middle of the Mediterranean sea to the north of Africa, making my way towards the Nile delta. We had left Southampton 9 days ago and were now coming to the end of our sea journey because in a couple of days we would be landing in Egypt. We had come as an exploration party going to the ancient Egyptian pyramids. Our party consisted of me and my sister Elsa. Our guide, was an American who we only knew as Wilson. He was a rather unusual person, very and rather curious, I cant explain this curiousness. I guess that was just the way he was. Wilson was also very cautious and had taken many precautions. He was armed with a hand-gun and a machine gun aswell. This made me feel very unsafe, but he obviously knew what he was doing, so we left him to what had to be done. Elsa was in her cabin reading a map of some description. She also had this, rather unusual looking key. It was kind of star shaped and had jagged edges. She wouldnt tell anyone what it was for. Night had fallen now and I was up on deck having a drink with Wilson, and Elsa was down in her cabin still studying that map of hers. There were sounds coming from the side of the boat, as if another boat was being drawn alongside ours. There was shouting Silence There were gunshots People screamed and ran in different directions Men in black Rhodes armed with guns and macheties clambered aboard the ship and opened fire. Wilson got his machine gun out and started to shoot back as I dove for cover. A group of Americans also started shooting at these pirates. The pirates set alight part of the ship to the rear, near where all the cargo was. Things werent looking good. Elsa was in her cabin when one of the pirates entered. He had these black on covering all but his face. His face was covered with scars as if blades had already pierced the skin. These scars were only covered by a thick grey beard. He had a knife in one hand, he went straight to the desk that Elsa had been working at and flung her to the floor. He also took the obscure key that Elsa had. The man moved back towards Elsa, who was sprawled upon the floor and raised his knife high above his head ready to bring it down. Wilson blew the smoke away from his gun, and helped Elsa back onto her feet. She was still shaking as she picked the key out of out of the pocket of the corpse which was lying there, perfectly still. Dead. Up on deck was mayhem. People were jumping out off the boat into the river below as the boat was being taken over by flames. We had no other option but to jump ourselves. We watched from the water as the boat was engulfed by flames. All of our luggage was still on board. We had nothing now. We had to swim to shore. By morning we had to put the problems of last night behind us, as we took across the dessert by camel. We had to be quick because we had to arrive at our destination before sunrise. Even though the sun wasnt up yet it was still very very hot and I was sweating like a pig. It wasnt the most comfortable ride I had ever had but at least we were there now. As the sun rose it led a path to the pyramid. As this happened the Americans rom back on the ship came up behind us. This is when we joined forces with them, after all, we had the guide, and they had the equipment. It was what seemed to be a good idea at the time. We wasted no time once we got there. We put up our tents and got our equipment ready and waited for the Americans to join us. When they did, we were ready to go and study the pyramid. Th e pyramid was known as the tomb of Oman Ra. We lowered ourselves down by ropes into the main chamber of the pyramid. Inside was a long row of mirrors running down both sides of the chamber. Wilson and Elsa both seemed to know what they were doing, so I took a back seat and atched what they were doing. I still had no idea what these mirrors were for. Wilson and Elsa lined the mirrors up with the beam of sunlight coming in through the entrance to the chamber. As they did this, the room suddenly lit up. It was as if someone had just flicked on the lights. The room was damp and smelt a bit like sweaty socks; there was nothing fascinating about this room. At one end though, there were two doors. We took the door on the left. This room we had just entered was small; but on the walls was the most fascinating thing I had ever seen before. All around the room, were hieroglyphics .u54ca2c19fe42ebec23c7de8ec5901675 , .u54ca2c19fe42ebec23c7de8ec5901675 .postImageUrl , .u54ca2c19fe42ebec23c7de8ec5901675 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u54ca2c19fe42ebec23c7de8ec5901675 , .u54ca2c19fe42ebec23c7de8ec5901675:hover , .u54ca2c19fe42ebec23c7de8ec5901675:visited , .u54ca2c19fe42ebec23c7de8ec5901675:active { border:0!important; } .u54ca2c19fe42ebec23c7de8ec5901675 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u54ca2c19fe42ebec23c7de8ec5901675 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u54ca2c19fe42ebec23c7de8ec5901675:active , .u54ca2c19fe42ebec23c7de8ec5901675:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u54ca2c19fe42ebec23c7de8ec5901675 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u54ca2c19fe42ebec23c7de8ec5901675 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u54ca2c19fe42ebec23c7de8ec5901675 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u54ca2c19fe42ebec23c7de8ec5901675 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u54ca2c19fe42ebec23c7de8ec5901675:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u54ca2c19fe42ebec23c7de8ec5901675 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u54ca2c19fe42ebec23c7de8ec5901675 .u54ca2c19fe42ebec23c7de8ec5901675-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u54ca2c19fe42ebec23c7de8ec5901675:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Teacher to Edward EssayElsa told me they were telling a life story. There wasnt a bit of the brick wall to be seen, it was just completely covered. Oman Ra had obviously led a long rewarding life. The ceiling of the room was very very high up for such a small room. That too was covered in hieroglyphics. The only part of the room that wasnt covered was a door leading nto another room. This other room had a picture of an Egyptian worker, but all over his body were rubies and jewels. One of the Americans started picking them off the body of the picture and putting them into a bag. One of them dropped onto the floor and plit. A scarab beetle came out of the jewel and scuttled out of the room. These bugs are very dangerous flesh-eating animals! As we left the room a whole swarm of these bugs came out of the darkness and down a slope heading straight towards us. There must have been thousands of them. We turned and ran. As we were running, one of the Americans tripped and fell. He was completely taken over by the scarab beetles. All that was left of him was a pile of bones just lying on the floor. When we stopped running we were in a room with a large box of some description, lying on the ground We went up to it. On the side was some sort of lock witch matched the key that Elsa had. We opened the lock to look inside. Inside were solid gold monuments and small statues. We pocketed all these, or should I say that the Americans did! We had decided That it was too dangerous to carry on because the light at the end of the room stopped, and it was pitch black. If you listened hard enough, you could here a moaning coming from the darkness. We followed the light back to the main chamber, passing through many of the rooms we had been in before, we went back through the room with the hieroglyphics in on our way back into the main hamber again. We had to climb back up the rope to get back up to the campsite. It was dark when we left the campsite . The journey back was pretty uneventful as we went back through the baking hot desert night to where another ship was moored to take us and the Americans back home to Southampton. It was the most eventful day of my life, even though we were only in Egypt for on e day. It was the most amazing thing that had ever happened to me. When we were back home, Elsa wrote a book about our journey. It turned out to be a best seller. After all she was only a librarian.